Psycho Cat Beats Up On Vet


farm family says:

one thing that vet is dumb when the cats tail is puffy leave the damn thing alone

Alyzma sharif says:

They shud make garfield watch this

floccinaucinihilipilification x says:

That cat wasn't playing…

itchymoose461 says:

They are not good at what they are doing. ive never seen an assistant be so unprofessional

C R I S P Y says:

they don't really look like they know what tf they're doing and or suppose to do. I'm on the cats side.

Janet Busener says:

Don't take cats to vet unless to get fixed or if they get sick. Cats will run away if they get stuck too much. They will not forgive owners.

Ryan Theone says:

this is Bruce Lee as a cat

Tee Kellz says:

and this is why i hate cats

dani :P says:

I played this for my cats and they fell asleep xD

Hyper Horse says:

I had a cat for years and he never needed any shots. You fucking assholes.

Tiffany Porchiazzo says:

this is me getting a shot I screamed like crazy !!!!

Blossom Butters says:

That cat will slap somebody..

Bryan Luce says:

wrap the cat in the towel not just put the towel over it. trust me on this.

Blu The Vixen says:

That me when I get a shot…I'll flip

rusza j says:

That cat should be burnt

Jovani Lewis says:

I hate cats

pmiu says:

That's a well-mannered cat.

smoshluv123 says:

is this the new mcjuggernuggets video?

amber may says:

anyone feel sorry for the lady in blue

Atelier says:


Brandon W says:

Personally I was rooting for the cat

Caiden Wallace says:

My gosh! That cat needs to be censored! lol

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