Puppy vs. Cat


FewJieFie HD says:

2016 OMG

Ryka Chloe Lim says:

what kind of dog is that :-)

Zapper Zapped says:

I read it as "Pussy vs. Cat" coz we can really tell if the Cat was indeed a scared pussy.

Elisha Bush says:

This is the best time for the puppy's should be able to play.

Brianna Wilson says:

The puppies were like, "Hey, what's that ugly weird thing in the corner over there? It keeps looking at us!" Then the mother dog comes in like, "that, my pups, is my cat friend. Be respectful. She is a member of our household. I left her to take care of you guys while I was gone." The cat was like, "you guys sure are cute pups but there are so many of you! Plus, I'm the only cat here, does anyone notice this?! I'm the odd one out!" Lol so adorable

Family Toy Report says:

Adorable! Great video!

Ericka S says:

Poor cat, getting harassed by cute adorable puppies

Nirotix says:

Poor cat… attack of the zombies?

SexyBoot1989 says:

2006… So most of these puppies are probably dead now O.o

jude movies says:

my dog so strong labrador attack cat name is hizzy

Communistpeppers says:

First viral cat videos.

Gudang Video Lucu says:

waww….   this video has 16 million views. I think this is the biggest one.

Thundernoob88 says:

This reminds me of Maze Runner

otuzniak says:

Boss coming

Etienne Lordéau says:

Most likely there'll be a gang"nom nom nom"

Roguemember says:

Yeah, it may be adorable, but don't overlook the fact that these people created more puppies when there are too many dogs and not enough homes for them. Puppy mills aren't adorable.

Glenys Dunford says:

Cats always win!

Sergio Albornoz says:

the cat is the king!!!! :OO

Elizabeth Gaspodnetich says:

How frigging cute was that!! 

D'Ascoyne says:

So cute, I want a pair of shoes made of their leather

Jenny Cob says:

Cats says leave me alone or else i will strike 

Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας says:

I just had to subscribe for those puppies..

Dylan Sha Boi says:

Shit I'd be scared if I was him. That's not one puppy, that's a gang!

Kevin Luna says:

Fuck cats.

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