Really stupid cat


Bobby Riffle says:

Hey,liverlips…my issue was with retard calling the cat stupid! Its just doing what's in its nature fuck you and your comments ….take a valium and a faggot is a bunch of wood gathered to use in a fire ,what the fuck would my sexual orientation have to do with anything anyway you dipshit?

Bobby Riffle says:

Really useless owner you mean…get a job!

Leeann Spence says:

HAHAHA! His feet sound funny. :P

anaclet says:

PETA has been sent this video and actions are going to be taken against the owner of this video for humiliating and mistreating a poor, defenseless, little animal.

IloveyouLenaKatina says:

Your cat has really good hunting instincts, and seems practically immune to the effects of dizziness! Also, very entertaining. I love this: both you and the cat have fun, and watchers on YT get to share in it!

confessa says:

LOL This is so cute! I don't have a laser at home, but my cat likes to spin around on its own anyway. -.-'' It's a bit dumb. Hahaha
Ah, really terrible cute! And I get so annoyed with all the killjoys here. Seriously, enjoy the CUTE CAT!! And if you're going to get worked up over the word "stupid", then you need to loosen up. I call my cats stupid all the time not because I'm "degrading them!10101" but because they do the cutest, most nonsensical little things that brighten up my day everytime. 

Sniffysmyboy says:

Did anyone else notice it hit it's head at 0:18?

Trent Anderson says:

@waligitoku the learned to paw a square block rather than two round blocks presented at the same time, because food was hidden beneath the square block. In similar tests, the cat chose the different object when presented with one round block and two squares. Also, researchers found that cats can learn complex tasks, especially if the reward is food. And in highly structured tests of learning ability, cats often outperformed dogs in the ability to master conceptual problems.

wootuser says:

What would make you spin around so much that your blood shifts to one side?
Were you chasing a laser light?

wootuser says:

I never said anyone was playing keep away with an animal. I said "I wonder if he plays keep away with infants?".
Speaking of tug of war with a dog. If you do not play tug of war correctly with a dog it can become aggressive and now the dog dominates the owner. Cats can not be dominated they are to independent and they could care less what you think. If you play with a cat it's because it chooses to play.
Once it becomes aggressive then the best thing to do is have it for dinner

Tiomara says:

@wootuser Hahaha, really? It's posts like these that make me lose faith in humanity. Cat's aren't infants, nor are they dogs, which by the way, the game keep-away is played among puppies all the time, if a cat didn't want to hunt what it saw, it wouldn't.

If you play tug of war with your dog, that means you are dominating him, if you play chase with your cat, you are dominating him. Fact remains it's play. Chill out.

PorkChop14 says:

@wootuser Shut up. All you people do is bitch and bitch. 

wootuser says:

Ha, HA. Sure you do buddy. And then your mother comes in a beats your ass.

wootuser says:

The stupid one?
My votes for the person whose sense of power comes from annoying an innocent and very playful little animal.
This poor cat is a victim of this persons thirst for power and control, and has a very cruel and mean sense of humor. I wonder if he plays keep away with infants?

Lynnh93 says:

My cat does that (: , she's hilarious .

danny haywood says:

dont wanna put a negative feeling on these comments but doing it too often to your cat spinning around can cause it to have a ceasure do to lack of blood to 1 side of their brain, i know ive had the same happen to me :(

Redd Vizion says:

thats a very good, agile cat. i dont see why itd be stupid.

Kristian S. says:

my cat does that and he acts like he's high lol

Mel Tee says:

hahaha, so funny. gotta love messin' with the kittehs. 

Aleek91 says:

their agility is pretty amazing though, i mean, holy fuck

MrBoboFace says:

No harm done. Kitty's pride may be a little mussed, but I'm sure he had fun, too (well, until he stopped spinning and everything else kept spinning – poor dizzy kitty).

MrxHendo says:

i do the same with my dog

DiamondPikachu says:

Lol i used to do that with my old cat, good times lol though i never made her run into walls and such (incase you thought i was cruel) my new kitten prefers to chase those little balls you get with the bells in. 

Dagg says:

You should see my cat go after a laser pointer…

gamernerd3000 says:

lol when he span round

PunkchProductions says:

Funny stuff

EstuardoIh says:

jajaj que pura mierda con el gato,

James Parks says:

I've seen humans react this way to a laser pointer. As a matter of fact there are a few videos on Youtube.

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