Resident Kitten and New Kitten standoff ! Angry and Scared Kittens

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As mentioned in the previous video I have adopted the abandoned kitten. When the new member came to the home the resident cats and kittens were in a state of confusion about the new kitten. This seen was taken when the existing kitten met the new adopted kitten. They started hissing at each other and stood in attacking posture.

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RastaAffiliate420 says:

What they don't show u is the momma cat walking up to the white kitty and smacking it

Indian Boy says:

So cute! <3

bak j says:

I knew Ending

Sharon Simon says:

Let the kittens in the house. Clean them up, and take them to a vet for shots and flea control.

lucy scepaniaks says:

the one that's has the black one the tail looks like my cat sweety and the cat I'm talking about has 3 kittens ands 2 years old and has two brother named Prince and jumpy

Lucy Kelly says:

I think they both showed fear until each knew neither would attack. Then they settled down.

JC C. says:

Let me guess. The white/orange one is the new kitty?

lonewolf261000 says:

So why exactly are the kittens so scared?

Uncle Tony says:

thumps up if you hate the love the resident kitten but hate the new kitten – like I does!

kamyar ahmadzade says:


Sakonema says:

Kittens are scaring each other and both are getting more scared.
Resident Kitten, the game.

DistractionCascade says:

it sounds like it is raining jingle bells :p

Stitch says:

how many kittens/cats do you have?

CatFamily says:

Meow meow meow meow meow (please adopt those cute kittens

gabriella andrade andrade says:

please adopt both 😊


Nice video! So cute kitties. Will you keep them or when they grow up you will give them?

jenny ha says:

i guess both of them are abandoned cats you adopted in the period videos

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