Rise to the Top (Official Music Video Tribute to N2 the Talking Cat)

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WARNING!!! This video is VERY SAD! Please do not watch this if you do not want to cry.

This is my tribute video to my once in a lifetime fur friend, a cat named N2 who I rescued from a shelter in 2000. N2 sadly passed away on April 25th 2014. I miss him with all my heart and wish he could still be with me. I will never forget you N2


Excuse me, yes
My name is N2
And I really think that you should adopt me, ok?

When I first saw you
And you first saw me, we had
Such a strong bond
Always knew we’d get along
As the time passed by we would see

This was meant to be
You would hold me close, tell me that you loved me
I would purr loud and I was so proud that
You had rescued me

You would leave home for work
I would wait by the door for you
And when you came home I would never leave your side
Cuz that’s what I true friend will do

Then one day we said
Let’s make a video, post it online
Let our bright star shine
Let the world really see who we be, it’s me

We gonna rise to the top
The Legacy will never stop
We can make that dream become reality
Cuz you know we gonna rise to the top

We gonna rise to the top
The Legacy will never stop
So believe in me like I believe in you
Cuz you know we gonna make it to the top

When the world first heard me say, “Hello”!
Things went bananas and we started our very first YouTube show
Adopted a Kona, she drank and she wanted my food but I clearly said no
I said no

We were living the life
Making hits, going viral, in a spiral
No money but we had such a good time
Making that star shine brighter in time

Then we dropped, Preppy Cat
Time travel and the Oglog battle
Siamese Kona Cat making hits Burrito Cat
Fly high in the sky Super Cat

Preppy Kitty Style the Harlem Shake
Who Knows, I Get Tuna and a Pizza break
And then we finally made it when we made the video called
What Does the Cat Say?


Oh, what’s happening to me
I’ve got to be strong
But I feel so weak

When I could not eat
You took me straight to the vet
They said I was hopeless and to me down
But you never gave up on me

For the next three weeks
I would travel to
Those doctors at the small animal clinic
To see if they could please fix me

We fought the best that we could
Every day you would hold me close and tell me that
I would be ok, everything will be ok
You never gave up on me

But when the time came
I let you know it was in too much pain
We had a good run but the old days were done
Goodbye my very best friend

Chorus x 2

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Cristian Barranca says:

#teamN2 his memory still lives but he's in a better place

Cristian Barranca says:

#teamN2! He's in our lives! No matter what happens he is with us! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Fairpaws AJ says:

r.i.p N2

The Turtle Family says:

N2 will always be in our hearts. I miss him I just wish he won the battle of cancer! Love you!

Lps Pink says:

my cat may have cancer……

sketchy the foxy 156 says:

I'm speechless N2 rest in peace dear friend, you brought smiles and laughs and now you're gone your legacy will forever live on in the hearts of all your fans

Willow Lackner says:

at least bozo is carrying on the legacy, but its still sad 3:

Taliyah Begaye says:

True I love N2 becausehe lives in our hearts

Zach Rose says:

noooo ! poor N2 i'll do enything to do for you pleze come back pleze ! 🙁

Juan Carlos Peña says:

Have all my support
I just lost my 16 year old kitten just 5 days and also due to cancer.
Her name was Alba and she was as loving as your N2.
I am convinced that they are now purring in the sky.
I can not stop praying for Alba.
Now I will also remember N2.
A hug :'_(

Colorful Water aj says:

I'm crying my eyes out right now

David Masker says:

This is not my cat ,but I feel the lose like it is my cat .He is a real super hero cat and I truely am crying when I hear this music even if its just in my head .I have 8 cats now after 6 passing on mostly from old age and the lose never gets easy .Love to all. N2 your being is was worthwile and you have inspired me and the crew that bless me by being near me.

Slimez TV says:

I'm crying so bad watching this!!! Rest in peace N2

alibaba wanke says:

We miss you all N2 😭❤💗

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