Russian cat thinks he’s a dog

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Persik act’s like a dog, and enjoys it!
Part 2:
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Keren Chadwick says:

awe 😊😊😊😊😊

NoSheetSherlock says:

Maybe this cat grew up amongst dogs

terry1919 says:

now show me a dog that can climb trees

Prakriti Kohli says:

Is your cat thirsty? My cat did that after she came back home after 2 days, she got lost

Jen S says:

a cat panting can be a sign of bronchial problem

KrypticKidd says:

wow a good cat

Márcio Lopes Fão says:

does it bark too?

DementedButtHole says:

species.dll has encountered an illegal exception at 0x010100AC

E.T.Fonhom says:

I actually like cats acting like dogs, than dogs acting like dogs. lol

Darlene Martins says:

coitado do gato, já tá exausto, ofegante, pobrezinho

Nerys Ghemor says:

"Фамилия" моей кошки – "Кошбака" потому, что она тоже кошка-собака. 😉

(Извините за ошибки, я не русский.)

apatano20 says:

Is it a……………….puppycat

pp op says:

noway that's a dog reincarnated into a cat!, unbelievable 👍😃

MarioJuana this says:

In russia, cats are dogs.

Domo Krch says:

In Russia cats are dogs

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