Sammie Eats World’s Largest Gummy Worm! Golden Retriever Puppy – Playtime Fun Vlog


Life of Sammie says:

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Sitabuddin Ansari says:

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Trevor Newton says:

Wow your cute little dogo are the whole thing

Timeout Hater1. Gojifan9000. says:

I though you got it from

Surya Kumar says:

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Keerthana.a Salins Salins says:

nnin. Nan yen

Ренат Мусаев says:


Rosineia Batista says:


سامر العلي says:


Dimasha Indeewari says:

I want my bud to be like this too

Maylene Diaz says:

Can dogs have that?

Rushabh Sheth says:

The last activity you did can result in losing your golden's trust. Please don't ever do that.

Steve Carras says:

Hey cute dog!

Remember the Golden Rule. Whoever has the most gold makes the most rules.
Golden Retrievers have the most gold. Therefore, Golden Retrievers make the most rules.

Ingrid Salinas Vasquez says:

que bonito perrito y el programa también chistoso

Ingrid Salinas Vasquez says:

que bonito perrito y chistoso

aryhon •́ says:

Sugar is not good for dogs


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Pease Kidz Fun House says:

We love doggies

Onauma Khampan says:


Henry Ejithkcbbofor says:

You are funny

Henry Ejithkcbbofor says:

Dogs Don't eat candey or they will die💀and you will be undated for that so

Ferika Ricketts says:

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