Sarah Donner and the sleepy kitten, the very OFFICIAL ‘Treeline’ video

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‘Treeline’ available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.
This is Lady Peanut. She likes to sit by me when I get out the ukulele. You can get the ‘Treeline’ guitar tab at


ultimalightz says:

I always come back to his video.

Falcon says:

That kitten was so happy it was over. Like being forced to watch a boring play. Lol

Xgya2000 says:

After all these years, this is still one of my go-to videos to make me smile a bit, even when times are grim.

The way she reacts at the end is adorable. "Mommy? Mommy? Music? Where?"

menckencynic says:

Still come back to listen: years later.

Jan Jani says:

Hi!! This video is absolutely amazing. It's perfect.
How is Lady Peanut doing now days?

Elinor Cidras says:

This reminds me of my little boy when he was a kitten. When I would play certain songs on the piano, he would climb up onto my lap and be lulled to sleep. <3

Ely Policarpo says:

Que lindeza!! Brazil, on here… <3

The Descendents says:

How are there 50 dislikes? What the hell is wrong with people?

2slofouru says:

One of my favorite cute vids

Kourtnie Good says:

I think we are way over due for a picture of Lady Peanut.

spooky bitch says:

Where did little Peanut end up!? I cannot believe I've been following your kitty journey for six years now!

KatzyKins says:

Aww <3 he either really likes your voice or he's just a precious sleepy baby all the time ;w;

Hicca Doodle Doo says:

When I am having a really miserable work day I play this video. I love this song and tuxedo cats are my fav.

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