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What does the #SharkCat Say?
Shark Cat wants to Thank everyone who watched and shared his SharkCat videos this year – Over 13 million times which is hard to believe for almost 13 year old snowshoe cat Max-Arthur. You guys totally Rock! Here is the Shark Cat “music video” just for You! Enjoy!

We also want to Thank Joel & Steve so much for this AWESOME “Shark Cat” song. They are true #SharkCat FANS!!! Please Subscribe to their YouTube channels and visit their website! Don’t forget to LIKE, FAV, SHARE and watch in HD! Thanks!
MUSIC by: The Brunswick Project (Joel & Steve) The song ” SHARK CAT “

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“Brunswick Project Channel”
“Animal Song Channel”

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All the Videos:
Cat Wearing A Shark Costume Cleans The Kitchen On A Roomba. Shark Week. #SharkCat cleaning Kitchen!
#SharkCat and Sexy Silky Chick. #SharkWeek FAIL!
#SharkCat and Swimming Pool. #SharkWeek
Scary Nighttime #SharkCat Attacks … #SharkWeek
Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba
Shark-Cat, Shark-Duck and Duck-Dog doing a Shark WEEK!

SHARK Cat WEEK by Max-Arthur the Roomba driver Shark-CAT

Let’s Be Friends!!!

SHARKY the American Pit Bull Terrier:
TWITTER : (Instagram – new still)
pitbullsharky (at)

MAX-ARTHUR the Snowshoe Cat:

HELEN aka texasgirly1979:


O' Jill says:

great entertainment

Queel Thalas says:


Javier Sánchez says:

hola espero estés bien todos muy lindos los vídeos del gato disfrazado desde Uruguay saludos

Boo the black kitten - Happy Halloween! says:


Sophia Dexter says:

im a shark cat

spider guy4507 (Superiorspidey) says:

So super cute!!!

I laughed my butt off!

White Mamba says:

I love Shark-Cat.  Someone on twitter said she would only buy a Roomba if her cat could ride on it.  Needless to say, I knew what videos to link to.  Have been a fan of Shark-Cat for a few years now, and hope to see some more videos if possible during the 2015 Shark Week.

Federica Venuto says:

You're great! I love your funny cat, and your wonderful baby too! I'm italian and i'm waiting for the robot. I hope that my cat will ride it! It would be very funny! =)

Mandy Malcolm says:

That's BRILLIANT one for my cats please lol hahahaha 

ThatsSoJodie says:

#sharkcat  !!!

FenderSchonJPX says:

I just bought a Roomba 880 and was looking for some instructional videos and stumbled on this damn cat riding a Roomba every chance he gets!  Hilarious!  I feel like I have to get a cat now, almost like I am missing a critical accessory for my Roomba, LOL.  Cats crack me up.  Thanks for sharing, these videos are great.

The shark outfit just puts it over the top!  LMAO

姜小亮 says:

好 good ~

Ava Procror says:

Vote shark cat for president #sharkcat

Estian Kritzinger says:


KissTube ❤ says:

LOL masterpiece

BananaMasterRace says:

Shark cat for president

Darren Scolyer says:

I want to get a shark aowtfet for my cat and sing the song to 

Darren Scolyer says:

I love shark cat I love the song to the cat is so cute the dog to haha :)

Ringo121471 says:

I must reach my relatives to be so diligent about cleaning kitchen floor after they eat. Ha Ha!

Marjorie Watson says:

So cute

Brenda Campbell says:

This is awesome

Jessica Garza says:

So does the cat walk, ever? Hahaha

Bliss Blossum says:

You have made my day, thank you for enriching lives and bringing a new kind of creative hope to animal and humankind, you all rock it for the greater good!!!

iTSY0URb0YEE says:

hahahah !!!! i love it

ONE STAR says:


Chad Smith says:

Sharkcat is awesome!

Magda Narima says:

Came here because of Colbert Report!

kawaii2007 says:

i love sharks and cats and i love this

John Chapman says:

Nice voice :)

Sandra Estrella Rodríguez says:

Oh yes! Ladies like that! Shark cat! 

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