Shearing the alpacas

I was happy to lend a hand when 25 alpacas were sheared last week in Dunham, Quebec, at my friend Karen’s farm ( These professional shearers, Danny and Ryan, from Smithfield, New Brunswick, near the town of Canada’s oldest woolen mill, Briggs and Little, sure didn’t waste any time doing this annual task. Alpacas are such graceful and mild animals. Karen takes such excellent care of her animals, knows them so well and is so bonded with them that the shearing was made much easier on everyone, including the alpacas. Many tiger swallowtails flew by that day, you can even see one on the video.


Saurav Pawar says:

Best regards from me

GoofyBoy Omar says:

The dudes didn’t want to talk to the lady😂

MPSecare says:

haha they look so goofy

Azeed Allaham says:

Wat type of animal is that

Cammie Cruz says:

can't you just let them be there animals they probably don't like being tied down laying on there side being sheared, there just an ANIMAL!!! 🙁

Christian Hadziyski says:

the other alpacas are jealous of his new haircut

Roza Koko says:

I love alpaca wool!!!

Starry Alpacalypse says:

I am really sorry so many commenters dont know alpacas, they think it hurts them, im sorry you got to deal with this, if they just knew that this is for there good and that if you dont do this its animal abuse due to overheat, Nice video, i hope someday everyone could understand how amazing creatures these are, and appreciate your work here

Fathi Abdi says:

Its not resisting

Corey Brown says:

Are y'all cuting him or his hair

Reaching Higher says:

I…didn't know alpacas made those sounds lol

Karthika shivanya says:

for with purpose they r doing this

ahad s says:

is they live after doing this?😰😰

Zakeer Shaik Indian says:

The 2018 new here style

GGiiGGii G says:

@6:30 the same he has to endure and all the bad jokes from the other alpacas….:))

carlos rodriguez says:

Vos cómo le van a hacer animales que le está haciendo

Os patetas lucas e bruno says:

no podio fazeres isso ja sestavam bonidos

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