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Organic Silver Vine Teeth Grinding Chew Toy

Is Silver Vine safe for cats?
It’s been used in Asian countries for years, as it primarily grows at high elevations in China and Japan. Its active ingredient is actinidine – also found in valerian root – which produces similar effects to nepetalactone (catnip) in cats. Just like catnip, silver vine is non-toxic and non-addictive.

Emours Cat Catnip Stick Organic Silver Vine Teeth Grinding Chew Toy

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Floppycats says:

Organic Silver Vine Teeth Grinding Chew Toy

hanbin zhuang says:

Silver Vine Sticks for Cats,nice,perfect toy

C K says:

Just got them…my cat did respond to them …but she drooled a i got nervous…is that a normal reaction?

Burt Vickers says:

The powered works the best !  My cats freak out over the Cloud Nine product –  Dezi roo web site.

vaumalice says:

They are so cuuuuuteeee 😍 they fur looks so fluffy and clean

Cortnie Braun says:

Hahaha you talk to your cat exactly the same way as I talk to my cat. Cutiesssss

jeansgiang says:

Okay so Silvervine sticks are not nearly as effective as the chopped up powered kinds. And yes, we use it a lot in Asia cause it’s cheap and most cats go NUTs for it. Mostly to rub on their fav toys n scratch posts. I have had one pretty Persian suddenly fall in love with me because I gave her a little sniff of it and my cat groomer uses it on her hands cause she swears she doesn’t get bitten as often. So yeah, these are not facts just experiences. 😎

Dimitris Blane says:

Beautiful cats!

Gloria Deliciosa says:

Tie 2 together??

sisterdiggins says:

Thanks for the review . I too was taken in by that ad on Instagram , but I was leary . I am glad to know there is an organic version. I may have to get some and see if my kitties like them.

Karen & Ryan Lisk says:

I accidentally discovered that one of my guys went nuts for this stuff when I got it slightly wet. A happy accident 😸

Zezinho Da Rocinha says:

your cats are so fluffy!

Carolyn Wilfred says:

My daughter tried these with her cats…not much interest and the bark came off leaving a mess. I will give it a try with my ragdoll when I get back home…visiting right now. They love their Yeoww banana better.

Sarah Keech says:

I bought these around Christmas and my cats really do love them. I was sort of surprised because they do look like plain sticks! I originally bought them because my tabby likes to chew on cords, etc., but they both really like them. I'll definitely buy them again.

Midori says:

well, i feel like i've heard of this silver vine before and its effect on cats, hm! anyway, wow, charloe had an almost instantaneius reaction to it! and trigg holding themstick with his paws and biting on it was super cute?!

Kittima says:

My Brontë and Lennon both love them. 🐈☮🕉

Patti Johnson says:

Super pawesome video, Jenny! I have heard of silvervine before from our lovely Sweet Teresa (as I believe one of her girls really digs it a lot more than catnip!). She sent a stick to Miss PSB as part of a Christmas or Birthday package but Miss PSB was like "Meh…" She's definitely a true blue catnip kitty! LURVE Charlie rubbing all over one of the sticks and Chiggy holding that silvervine stick, biting it, staring at it and batting it around had me giggling like crazy! I think it's a hit! Big hugs & lots of love!! 🙂 <3

J jewelrylized says:

My cat did not like it

rmora1 says:

You can get similar Polygonum Stick Natural Matatabi sticks on ebay much cheaper.

Alexis Arrizon says:

Such cute fluffy babies 😍

harpsi8 says:

Fun video loved it , thanks Jenny.
I know two much catnip will lessens the effects. Its great great to find something eles to entertain our Kitties.
Luv from L.A. Rich and Kitty cat 🐱 Sueway.

dreamynights says:

I’ve heard about silver vine because I follow a lot of Japanese cat channels. Hopefully there’s enough research to know it’s completely safe!

CoyoteWildFlower says:

My cats love plain sticks, I've got to find these!!

Frank Lamagna says:

I think you stopped filming too soon. Trig was going into his "crazies".

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