Smart Cat \ Кот откручивает крышку


山口寿治 says:

Hello! this is 「asadesu」 a TV programme broadcasting in Fukuoka in Japan.
We wish to used youtube “Smart Cat” in Asadesu this week.
It is okay if you put in credits, are not you?
Please reply if it is okay.

Sonny Latchstring says:

Smart? I is more like trial-and-error

nube viajera says:

Молодой! До всего есть дело:)

Imothep says:

lefty losy – righty tighty

DebbyAbqNM says:

It is good to see another video from you! We hope to see more 🙂

chasing starlight says:

you're back, we missed you!❤️

Sergei Eternal says:

котики! УРА!)

Vassiliy Taranov says:

что внутри?

Илья Иванов says:

Как раз вчера думал отписаться

russianvoodoo says:

I've been subscripted for years now and I don't care about cats anymore because now I own one. Or it owns me. Where have you been, bro?

Uter127 says:

привет, давно не было видно и на тупиче давно не появлялся.

urgian says:


hootypatootie says:

Be thankful for your thumbs, friends.

Alicia says:

Poor cat must be very thirsty, very clever though.

zuigdoos says:

Seems like a great help around the house!

Fred U. says:

Kitty, it's "righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!"

Damned Eyez says:

0:47 Downloading update…

cyberlionn says:

Игнорамуски воскрес!

ГансХристианПенис says:


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