Smart Cat


Amal Saeed says:

This HAS noting to do with cat

Amal Saeed says:

But that's my sis anisa

Amal Saeed says:

I love cats

Zodel says:

Ohmy. A russian blue. Beautiful cat.

AppleaLJ says:

@CelineSSauve It's from Terry Pratchett. 😀

Boone Washburn says:

@CelineSSauve I believe that's from Sandman. There's an entire issue about cats being gods in the old days

TrueDragon13 says:

Ha, smart enough to get stuck in a paper bag handle 😉

Zathyr says:

Apparently Jakie's intelligence has not been negatively affected by hearing Justin Bieber.

BeekillerJohanna says:

Now teach her to use the toilet and you'll save a fortune on cat litter. 🙂

Céline .S. Sauvé says:

And I am reminded of a quotation of which I can't remember the source: "Cats were once worshiped as Gods. Cats remember this."

Nathan Green says:

Wow, that was fancy as hell.

Plarby says:

That IS a smart cat

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