Smart Roomba Cat writes CATS 101. Super AWESOME!!! (Original speed)

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Today Max-Arthur the roomba cat learned how to write words and numbers. In original speed. Max is 9 years old snowshoe cat.


pitbullsharky (at)


Robots intelligence depends highly on their sensors. The sensors detect elements in the surrounding environment and send information to the controller. Based on this information, the controller makes its decisions. Generally, a robot has several sensors to scan the environment. Sensors can include ultrasonic range finders to measure point distances, laser scanners to measure 2D and 3D distances for mapping, sound sensors, light sensors and more.

“CATillac” Driver
This is iRobot Roomba model 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

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Caracal Of The SandWings says:

Yes, this is only played backwards, but it's so cute! Don't insult the owner of the video because she wanted to make people smile. This adorable little kitty just enjoys riding it's Roomba.

Rustaholic says:

It is obviously backwards

Adele Chedgey says:

This has to be a joke! No cat can do that even though they have at least 2000 words in their vocabularly!

joeh690 says:

this was in reverse, with the Roomba sucking it up

John Rain McManus says:

Enough already.

Luca Crisafi says:

So Its Still Cute

JRoberto says:

It's just played backwards. However this gives me the idea of programming the roomba to use its brushes to write. Perhaps an algorithm CAN be deviced.

Muser says:


Bonjovigirl wv says:

this kitty loves it's roomba

MrA11u says:

dont underestimate the roombacat

pattymmdelc says:

I just watch this in TV!!!!!!

Adversary Gaming says:

YOU DON'T SAY?!?!? (ノ°□°)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Emily Annis says:

This isn't fake. They put the video in reverse. The vacuum was cleaning up the glitter, not creating words.

Yup746 says:

No shit sherlock…

ASG says:

watch out columbo's on the case..

Oscar Arehammar says:

wow u must be like jesus or something to figure that out:O


bvntake09 says:

@wavyandcurly z0MG RLY?! GENIUS!

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