Spin and Dizzy Cat Videos 2017

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John Joroz says:

Hey guys i tryed to spin the can and when the cat got dizzy he peeede on my chest sorry i have no video but it was so disgusting

Mariana Serrano says:

i dont get the funny part. why do people find this funny? I DONT F-ing KNOW. this is animal abuse and torture any person in their RIGHT STATE OF MIND! would not do that! if people love cats why do they watch this!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

Daily ML says:

0:47 that's terrible.

Delvron Bledsoe says:

Why do people who think this is cruel even take the time to look up these "cruel" videos.. doesnt that make you just as sick as the rest of us?

Phoebe Gradert says:

Poor things

clone clonethree says:

It's not funny anyway..


Huge Assholes .i.

Daniel khamisi says:

Wow 0:46 😡😡

Nelsonba Win says:

Animal cruelty alert!

ղíҍíɾմ ҍօվ says:

I do that also because my cat is a bad cat 😂 now he learn how to treat me as an owner after I spinning him 😎😎😎

yusuf khan says:

cats can die to do this .its very bad ok

Nibby Plays says:

Everyone in this comment section sucks lol, so I'm going to try to offend these vegans more. Chill out, honestly it's not like they are feeding the animals harmful foods or beating the animal. The cats may get disorientated for a bit but it all goes away, most threatened cats would have attacked anyways .

maddie dawn says:

Leave the por mother fucking cats aloud fi d something else to do with ur life holy fuck

Adrian Ram says:

Basically animal abuse especially when the dumbass parents let the kids spin the kitten. Dumbass people

JT Perspectives says:

Hey this is animal cruelty

Sheik says:

That's not funny at all…

MapleKii says:


Natumon Creator says:

I got Vertigo watching this

Sıla Demirhan says:

Not funny. Kitties may be cute but the aren't toys. That is a bit heartless tbh

Matthew Bruveris says:

Fuckin hilarious.

Michael Leadingham says:

I put my cat in my washer on the spin cycle o my god it was so funny I will make a video of it next time this is a great video never laughed so hard in my life thanks for posting this great video

lm sparkle says:

Mean and not funny!!!!!!!

Elliot J Vidal says:

In US they take pet very serious they even give name to them, so expect to get some aggressive comment.

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