‘Spy Monkey’ Mistaken For Dead Baby And Mourned By Troop | BBC Earth

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This troop of Langur Monkeys show empathetic behaviour as they mourn what they think is a dead baby Langur, which is actually a robotic spy monkey, designed to film the primates. This footage was filming whilst making the BBC series Spy In The Wild.

The next episode will be on in the UK, on BBC One tonight at 8pm.

The series will start in the US on February 1, 8-9 pm ET on PBS stations.

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ภาดา says:

Soooooo sadd😭

Sinister Shadow says:

All God's creatures can feel emotional

Mythri Bg says:

Heartbreaking 💔

np says:

And we don't pay such respect even for the live ones

Evan Pax says:

LOL feminists care less about dead babies than monkeys

หมอนหมอน เมาน้อย says:

น่าสงสาร เศร้ามากเลย

Sheogorath Daedric Prince Of Madness says:

Okay, why are there random bots commenting on every single comment saying shit like?

“Dwafrsjf . .”

Anyone explain?

lil turq says:

They look like my friend's grandpa

Note: Just joking I don't have friends

eduardo arantes says:

Langur : Press F to pay respect

moon light says:

Teary-eyes 😰

Beta Turkey says:

illusion 100

光海 says:

Itz justa prank bro…

Sam Spade says:

Because of this video, ALL ZOOS SHOULD BE CLOSED… I repeat

Close all zoos NOW!!!

SJ’앵무 tube says:

자식잃은 아픔이 얼마나 클까..엄마란 존재는 위대하다

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