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A Mississippi couple says their cat has adopted a squirrel that now purrs like a kitten.


tornado says:

Enjoy the milk, little squree😜🙃😙

Kruut Von .Trendkilla says:

Aww my two favorite animals…


What a wonderful world it could be😄

Chloe_ Adventure says:

1:30 adorable!

rudolph de arco says:


bang bang says:

the squirrel purr…. is the signal of the end of world

shanthy pari says:

Wow superbbbb….. MOM!!!👏👏

tsfcancerman says:

and had she only left the squirrel there for some hours the mother would have picked it up, better to watch over it for hours before taking it in.i would have picked it up if it was in danger from birds or other animals, but aslong as there is a nest and the parents didnt just get killed they will pick it up when they hear it on the ground.

syed azhar syed ibrahim says:

Man..this is so cute.

Michelle Poitras says:

that's really neat to see,,,I think Rocky's right were he's suppose to be!

Vicky Duon says:

aww squirrel thinking the mother cat its her mother, squirrel really good pet

Ipilane12 Frog says:

love the narration

Mickr4 says:

My father used to have a pet sqwiwel when he was a kid… It got eaten by an barn owl.

Vearon says:

Plot twist after the filming of the video the cat eats the baby squirrel.

limeginger says:

What happened after this? I can't imagine the squirrel and the cats stayed friends, or that the squirrel became a carnivore?

1stDrakePassage says:

A squirrel that purrs is one thing, but if you can get him to meow then you've really got something to show.

envelope91 says:

Amazing things like these can happen when a cat female just had kittens, their brains are basically overdosed with instincts to care for and love their new kittens and they will pretty much care for anything that seems helpless xD

nicole milakovic says:

Aww i want a baby squirrel.

Avbone The Kid says:

This would make an interesting Disney movie

Ifa Nabila says:

omg 💕💕

SpAzZz AtTaK says:

I had a flying squirrel jump from a tree and landed on my windshield doing 50mph coming home from work tonight. he's very clingy if I put him down he runs right back to me and he's met both my dogs and cat. my kitten was cleaning her

Morgan Lemons says:

I love seeing these kinds of things…It shows how some animals can be kinder than people

American Berserker says:


Hassad Abbass says:

The Intruder

kiki love says:

eww squirrel wtf is wrong with that cat???

Tyler Mathis says:

* dies 3 weeks later*

Arnold Layne says:

Massive smiles here haha!

PN Houle says:

If this squirrel is released in the wild, it will probably survive eating other squirrels.

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