Stuck for hours in rock-solid tar, puppies rescued. Watch til the end.

Please make a donation to help rescue street animals in India :

Three puppies were submerged in rock solid tar where they had been stuck, unable to move even an inch for many hours. They were terrified and being unable to move, could only cry out in fear.

It took many hours over several days for our team to soften the tar by massaging oil and giving many baths, but these three puppies had incredibly strong spirits.

Please donate to save street animals in the most desperate need :


Guli Axmedova says:


SAGAR vs REX says:

You are getting ads on your channel it worths 😙🤩

Khushbu Rani says:

kya aap apna number de sakte

Joao Ferreira says:

Que lindo parabéns pelo vocês ter salvado a vida de um animalzinho inracional

Callista Gaming says:

You guys are heroes!

CupCate says:

Omg i want them. So poor but its happy their alive

Bajura Sergiu says:


Bajura Sergiu says:


Наталья Весна says:


Selviganesh A says:

did u put the puppies into tar? Mother dog is so cautious! for Fame u did this.

Edivania Santos says:

Que lindo chorei emocionante
Ainda bem que existe pessoas maravilhosas 😍

letsgo says:

but honestly, WHO put they in tar??? is that video staged for getting more subs and money on youtube?!? hope not …

Bandu Hoke says:

I love you yaar

Shubham Satle says:

Feeling bad for puppies how much pain they suffered,but good job done

nandini Peddoju says:

You re awesome

Jesus Chirist says:

Thank you rescue team

Lily-Aude Colas-Bourgeois says:

I love you, bioutiful dog

Rohit Thakur says:

Respect, Salute to You Peoples….

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