Stupid Cat Falls From Up High

We scared the cat to jump off the window
thxz to StarToli for holding the cam.
PS to all the so called animal lovers IT DIDN’T DIE


phillies4100 says:

@kathlos It has 8 lives left?

Panayiotis Zavaliangos says:

xaxaxa opeo

To0t says:

most cats die from 3-5 stories. anything less and anything higher they wont die. you can toss a cat out the empire state building and it wouldnt die. they can do a parachute effect. to prevent death

Bryan Dimino says:

It says it did not die in the description it probley went on the beam

PT1ST says:

i think your the bastard going by your name

skipskipskip01 says:

well that would of killed it

tankthebastard says:

yeah scare a cat so bad that it jumps out of a window to get away from you, yeah cos your a fucking big man arnt you, if i was there i would have pushed you out hte fucking window you sick bastard

heatherinweather says:

dude hes just on the side railing calm yo ass down

heatherinweather says:

lol suisidal cat

Bradley G says:

what a nerrrr

gck86 says:

look like the cat wants to commit suicide!

lizardprotector says:

Are you implying that anyone who does something mean has to be gay?

kathlos says:

there is a balcony man if you watch a little more carefully

Dragonqueenc says:

GOOD! I hate it when cats die!

kathlos says:

No dont worry it didn't die =)

Dragonqueenc says:

Did it die?

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