Stupid Cat! Ravens can Fly!


NvmSorryTrumpsDumb #ImWithHer says:

oh I love this video it is very nice to see a cat and a raven get along very well

123TauruZ321 says:

They're so cute, i love birds!


crow and cat are popular combination of animals in city.I love both.

Halvdan Knutsson says:

What you heard in this video wasn't a raven though, sounded more like a crow.

CogniVision says:

The fact he put it in his front yard for everyone to see probably means he enjoyed it. Wanted people to see a duck hanging from a tree and bleeding out.
Also. You said he killed it (cut its head off), then hung it from a tree. Now you're saying it was still alive, and he let it bleed to death in an agonizing way. Which one is it? Either way, not the kind of display that would make house prices stay up in that neighborhood. =/

Inge VS says:

cats and birds can co-exist…just like cat and dogs…some are best friends and play with eachother…and other just don't care and avoid eachother…depens on both their personalities.

dtiydr says:

If i would have a cat it would just be stupid to have birds in the same apartment since they would of course not like the cat presence and if i had birds i would of course not have a cat! Common sense.. Obvious the raven doesn’t like the cat presence which is obvious it wouldn´t.

nicksesta231289 says:

I love raven's cry

TheHorreK2 says:


Dracolich says:

Oh yes, karma is indeed real… it just hasn't happened around you yet.

Jamie S says:

That is a crow not a raven. Ravens are much much bigger.

A Christ says:

Well then obviously some lonely guys are just arguing for the sake of talking to a pretty girl, just don't feed in to it. Your not a dumb broad at all it's pretty cool that your an activist for animals (especially for wolves) just don't get duped in to a youtube debate with lonely psychopaths. keep up the good work and your welcome.

A Christ says:

What's your point. meat is good if he drained a live duck then that is disgusting but if he gave it a quick death then where is the problem. Also you look very pretty. 

A bee says:

Uh.. How is it stupid now again? Is it not the easiest way to drain the blood?

Joshua George says:

Clearly. The raven loves to trolling…I mean just look at him laughing at the Le Chat xD

Nin Jason says:

The speech bubbles made it for me 🙂
The last crows should Say "Troll'd!"

hlubinavesmiru says:

beautiful animals!, only STUPID are those comments…

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