SUPER WEIRD CATS that will totally CONFUSE YOU! – Extremely FUNNY CAT VIDEOS compilation

Here are videos of super weird cats and kittens that will confuse you and at the end, most important, make you laugh! These cats are so super hilarious that I bet you will laugh your head off! The most impossible try not to laugh challenge ever! Just look at all these weird cats and kittens how they fail, behave, meow, spin, beg… So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? 🙂 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“­­­Hamster March, Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin MacLeod (
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Malaki Bahu says:

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Imani Freeman says:


Lob Bhuiya says:

Cats are too cutest animal

Queen_ Yesi says:

My cat shit in my soup

Asmaa Jadwat says:


Rainnielle Venegas says:

Cats, = ME

[ I’m basically a human cat. But, I’m not that loyal to hoomans, they dIsgUszt mE. ]

Shadowtrollswords says:

insert long description of mental illnesses a cat has if it chases its own tail

Zeynab Hassan says:

Hhh markan xishood wuu Waa ilowe

Marv _ says:

👎🏿 For false Thumbnail and for puttin your watermark into videos that dont belong to you.

The Pokémon Gangster says:

0:36 When diamond is raining

AnAwiN 094 says:


kawaii Claire says:

2:25 HAHAHAHAHA his/her look

brian554xx says:

Everybody, put your paws together for ooo a tail!

Mark TFO says:

These cats have cured my depression

ABC production says:

Harunlord67671 says:

1:30 What's up with that hand wave behaviour? 😄

goomba hummba says:

That toung doe

NinjaMaster65 says:

1:45 when you tripping and your friend tries to calm you down

Kaden Eubanks says:

The music is so annoying

Super Gamer says:


Luna Lunala says:


Diva Lily and Friends says:

Fantastic here are some more!

Moonlight Cat says:

6:35 "Pantene: Most important hair care for health."

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