Surprise Cat Attack

My kitten, Mr. Fluffypants, gets all wild and crazy and attacks me. He did this a lot as a baby…he enjoyed sharpening his teeth using my hands and climbing on me. He then got sleepy and was adorable again.

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Mr. Cardinal says:

Does Mr. Fluffypants like catnip? He sure loves you!

O&A Fan Videos says:

Hehe, when mine was small, he scratched me a lot, but he got better with time so he mostly play bites and swings at me but it's rare that he does any damage. He does like to wake me up some mornings though so that's kind of annoying, especially since he can open doors.

arviman says:

climbing like a boss

Luke Wallace Mercedes Taxi Driver LoL says:

such a cute kitten though

JON2006.78rus says:

co cute kitty

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