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This is a funny clip of my cat Musya. She gets inside an old box then likes to attack anything that is near the opening. Very fun.
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What will happen if my big boy Magnum go after the neighbours cat?, my xl American bully type pitbull… https://www.instagram.com/giant_bully_pitbulls/
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My friend records a thank you video note with his cat. Notice his eyes right before the cat makes her move!
Pillbug loves chest and tummy scritchies. Except that occasionally he needs to play killy killy the hooman… usually while purring and insisting on more scritchies.
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Top 5 pertarungan kucing vs ular, Dengan kebiasaan dan kemampuannya,kucing mampu membunuh ular,hal inilah yang paling ditakuti oleh ular cakar kucing dan pergerakan tangkasnya sangat ditakuti oleh ular,dan bebrapa penelitian muncul,jika ular dihadapkan sama kucing,ular [More]
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this is our cat charlie. for some very strange reason, she likes to attack boxes. or maybe it’s just this box she hates. either way,she makes us laugh. what about you?
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