Cats Saying “No” to Bath – A Funny Cats In Water Compilation – Cats Funny Cats Saying “No” to Bath – A Funny Cats In Water Compilation – Cats Funny Cats Saying “No” to Bath [More]
A kitten learns not to go in the bath tub. Subscribe to for more great videos! Facebook… Twitter Instagram Vine We buy and sell clips. To license any videos, or [More]
In this funny cat video, this little kitty seems to not mind getting wet which seems unusual. However when she find the right moment to escape, her owner pays for it. Splash! For all licensing [More]
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Funny dog videos of funny dogs who don’t want to take a bath or dogs and puppies who hate baths. Try not to laugh challenge – try not to laugh or grin while watching this. [More]
Cat hates the bath, does not want to get washed Our cat had a little diareah problem, and had fecies all over her fur, we decided to wash her in the tub. She did NOT [More]
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Check out for more maximum cuteness! This dog does not want to give up, he keeps playing dead to avoid taking a bath. Maximum Cuteness!
Dogs and Cats Hate Bath Subscribe: Funny Cats: Funny Dogs: Mixed Videos: More Funny Cats: More Funny Dogs: Dogs After Bath Compilation: More funny videos here Subscribe: [More]
Pudge is an Exotic Shorthair cat. Her fur is very dense, she sheds often, and can easily get mats. The occasional bath helps keep Pudge’s coat de-matted and, in turn, keeps Pudge free of hairballs. [More]
Check out these funny cats in water freaking out. Cats saying no to bath is so hilarious. So if you want to see a cat saying no to bathing, enjoy these funny videos.
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Helpful Tips 1- Start bathing your cat when s/he is very young 2- Establish a bath time ritual: set up the instruments beforehand (shampoo, towel,water, brush,etc) so he is not caught unawares. 3- Be gentle [More]
Watch this funny cat video and you will never leave your cat home alone again :p Here’s part 2 of our famous ‘Dogs just don’t want to bath’ compilation. There’e a lot of new [More]
Dogs doing Gandi style to avoid bath. Funniest Animal Fails Compilation || FailArmy Funny Cats Compilation 2014 – Best Funny Cats Fails Compilation 2015 – Funny Animals Best Funny Animal Compilation Fail Vine Try Not [More]
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“Like” me on FACEBOOK: Follow me on INSTAGRAM: My cat Tigger’s first bath. He didn’t like it much, he’s screaming “nooooo!” the whole time. FOR THE RECORD: This bath was absolutely necessary. At [More]

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