Artwork and animation by Nathan Mazur Photos of Bonnie the cat by Dana Sherlock Music by Parry Gripp I love my kitty cat yes I do I love my kitty cat oh I do And [More]
Starring Dinky the cat! Filmed on location at the Santa Barbara Cat Show Dinky was bred by
Hold on tight! You can see the original video here: The Baby Monkey video is property of Akihiro Nihonmatsu. Used here by kind permission. If you are interested in using this clip, please contact [More] Special thanks to all of the cool people who let me use their video clips! Please check out the original videos: Hamster eating bell peppers from: Hamster Eating Cotton Candy from: [More] Music video for the song Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You). Thank you Paul for the idea!

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