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Bad Ass Cat! Best Cat Video in HD, Who say’s you can’t train a cat? Honey Badger, Buster Don’t Care! Meow! Big black cat doing flips & tricks, funny cat video, funny, trained cat, best [More]
It’s usually parrots that have the reputation for repeating what their owners say to them, but this time it’s a cute, little pup wrapped in clothes that tells its owner he loves her. For more [More]
The famous Grumpy Cat’s new memes. This video is the debut! Pictures from: Google and http://www.grumpycats.com/ Text: own
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PUPPIES SLEDDING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLIwIX7-I-E
Funny cat video. Talking cat says ‘no no no’. 2013
To license for use contact Vidman: http://kdub.ca/contact.html twitter.com/vidman Allan really likes his food! YUM YUM YUM NOM NOM NOM! At the time this video was posted, Allan had a twin bro named Edgar. Saddly, he [More]
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