TELEKAT | Super cute animal videos for cats to watch. Entertainment for your cat!

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What do cats love to watch? Why the furriest of the furry of course! Your cat will drool over and paw its way through our 90 mins video of super cute birds, hamsters, butterflies, fish and more, all in full HD. Make sure to subscribe to keep up with our newest videos for cats to watch. ** Download your own copy of Telekat from **


Is your pet feline bored? Cats love to watch videos of insects and listen to birds singing! Turn on HD, put it into fullscreen and play this video of these butterflies

Telekat features High Definition videos and sounds of animals your cat will love to watch. It brings the outdoors indoors.

– Over 70 fur and feather filled minutes of HD video for cats to watch

-Videos and animations of the animals your cats love to watch – a smörgåsbord of birds, fish, shrimp, hamsters, seamonkeys and butterflies!

– An ideal way to keep housecats entertained and stimulated. Your cat will love listening to our soundtrack of chirping birds.

– Play it on your television, computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, games console or anything that plays HD video.

– The perfect gift for indoor and outdoor cats. When you buy Telekat, you will receive a download link, which you can send to a friend.


Coligex Gaming says:

My kitten was chewing the corners of my phone after the hamsters

Choi Ja says:

i played this and let my cat watch it, she watches it actually but after a few minutes she started to jerk her face away from the screen with wide eyes it looks like she's scared or something, she really creeps me out thou

Green Devil says:

I was all good at the first 10 minutes then she pounced at my tv

rawrsetta says:

my new kitten loves this! totally mesmerises him 🙂 😻😻😻

RonasProductions says:

Nearly broke my damn tv set

Mario Grant says:

my cat appprrrobbess this

Richierich 009 says:

both my kittens Cindy and Terry Loved this They purred and purred Terry thought it was a sinal to sniff Cindy butt! 😀 Cindy watched and was bitting my phone on the side aww they so cute when they watch it :DDDD

Can Nguyễn says:

My cat love it :)) And she attack my screen :))

Misha Drake says:

My young black cat can be a handful but twice now this morning this video has given him a great distraction and it's pleasant to hear instead of listening to him breaking the blinds 🌞

moha o says:

amazing video. my cat thinks birds live in my phone ever since.

María Camila Certain says:

yeah… I don't know whether my cat liked it or not, but he definitely didn't ignore it. Though it's not the best idea to have this on the computer, because he tried to get the things on the screen and while doing this he paused, closed, refreshed and changed the position of the video when stepping on the keyboard.

Jenny !!! says:

my cats love this.. he attacked the screenn though

Alanna Rose says:

I put this video on for my cat when i turned it off she started searching my room and she cant find them now she is lying down on my bed looking sad she thinks she lost lots of birds when she was watching a video a ruining my ipad

Ro Bustos says:

Claire loves this video!!!

Dolores Nieto says:

Aww thank you for this! My kittens loved it and their mama was going crazy looking for the bird! Lol

Whirlwind Card says:

This is my cat's favorite YouTube video

syafiqmasyhur says:

my cat attack my laptop screen…..

Bạn gái tên Jinx says:

My cat loved this video. She like touching those mouses haha

SomeoneWhoBlends says:

One of my foster kittens went crazy over this xD thanks so much!

melissanmarley says:

My cat Edith loves this! Thank you!

sally aluviel o says:

Wut the Fugg? The beginning of this video made my cat freak out and try to run. The volume hurt its ears too. He loves all my other videos, this one made him sit there and cry and meow like he was in pain!

Zoe Dolphin says:

charlie looked at it for a few seconds then left :/ … ill go try jenny

joseph eagan says:

ahahaha my chausie keeps looking behind the screen! Going crazy

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