The BEST Stealth Cat with Scary Music

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truly appropriate music for the stealth cat

some answers:

this is a remix of an original youtube video uploaded by a user in Japan. Cats are very popular pets in Japan.

I am generally good at matching music to imagery, and seeing that original music-less video, this is the first music to pop into my head.

the video was edited from the original for timing… taking advantage of the blackness of the “behind the wall” moments in the original video to use as edit splices.

About 10 seconds were cut.

this probably isn’t a trained trick – cats will naturally play such predatory games with other felines and human friends 🙂


thewordkeeper says:

The first time I saw this I thought Bond, James Bond; Stalkin' not purred.

Patricia Dunbar says:

THIS IS SO FUNNY THIS cat does the same thing at my house lol lol lol lol

RandomGameLover Jwz says:

Move the camera – Pause – Grab your cat and bring him closer – turn the camera on resume – Scary music on the background – BOOM 😂😂

SpecterBadger says:

The Nostalgia, I watched this years ago.

fre d says:

That cat will chop you up in your sleep

Simon Halliday says:

weeping angels!!!!! now this video is even more scary

Kiara Shelwood says:

Creepy eyes

José Rivera says:

That is scary!

Crack The Light says:

Hi, how's it going? If you love EDM you should look into out this video! I'm sure you will like it. Regards!

Romy Heijnen says:

in the beginig relly scary and the end is so cutie

Wilddog73 says:


Horizon Gamer says:

That at could be the new angel in doctor who.

koolwhat says:

AlexGamesTV says:


überguy says:

The whole thing is so crazy scary ha ha!

Lemmy Antonis says:


yousef magd says:


yousef magd says:

five nights at cat'ts

Chris Vitorino says:

so cute!!

Eridu Sirius says:

Cracking up big time….adorable!!!!!! Such a ferocious predator!!!!!

Huong Doan says:

That was creepy but when it came up I was like what the hell are you creeping up on me good cat

Canadian Jaden says:

Paranormal Cativity…

jack the gaminganaconda says:

What is the music called

Yixing's Unicorn Horn says:

Best game of red light green light i've ever seen.

Reynaldo Bencosme says:

+Cristina Stanley look at this XD looolllll

andy green says:

I nearly pee'd my pants 

Farrell Rose says:

creepin on a come up

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