The Bunny Dance

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A shortish video (with music) starring Duchess doing what she does best, binkies.

Music is “Nutcracker: The Russian Dance” by Tchaikovsky

*Video was originally created with a slightly different version of this song.


camilla648 says:

We'll always love you, Duchess La Chocolatebunny. <3

Karen Hogan says:

Your Duchess looks just like my bunny Clove. Great video


Hahaha cute

Jessica Doughnut says:

'Created by dutchessces salve xD

Libby Richart says:

omg that is supper funny!!!!! THAT MADE ME GIGGLE 😉 I LOVES bunny well by by

Sunny S says:

The first time I saw my bunny do this, I immitated his way to jump, wave my head, and dance. He got shocked a bit, stayed for a while, and then got really excited that he showed me another step of that dance. I did it again, and then we danced together in his way for at least 5 minutes. No kidding, that dance made me feel dizzy! But it was so much fun! So it became a kind of celebration for both of us before bed.

vampyrhobbit says:

Cute! And nice editing. 🙂

MelanieWallace1 says:

Wonderful video. Love it. Watched it three times in the row. Great splicing and choice of music. That video makes so happy and brings joy to my heart. Thanks. I also shared it on my Facebook page.

IvyProcrastinated says:

Too cute! And she has an appropriate name!

Nicko Janick Murry says:

So cute!!!!

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