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AFV presents an all Labs weekly compilation filled with hilarious home video bloopers of the cutest Labrador Retrievers, Black Labs, Collies, Terriers and more! Check out more Kyoot Animal Compilations ►


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Sneha Goley says:

You know you will be a terrible parent when you are more worried about the dog than the baby!!! Labs are the best :*

kro gen says:

Labs are big fluffy creatures made of love,goofiness and hunger 😀 :D

Tricia Hardy says:

Why do people think scolding dogs is okay when they have no idea what is wrong??
The dogs feel bad and the people keep making them feel bad! Stop This!

Jessie Roberts says:

5:33 well that's one way cats are better than dogs😏

Mc Craydox says:

4:23 first french kiss lmao!

#Summer Wolf says:

Was found 😢😥

#Summer Wolf says:

5:03 I don't like seeing it because my friends dog suffocated like that

Ann clark says:

Can't stop laffn, Thk u 4 sharing!

Lica Coelho says:

10:10 so cruel

D Heyes says:

Water hose Lab, guilty.

鄭曉東 says:

next:golden retriever

Meri Holland says:

Dog fought the hose and the hose won

Matheus 777 says:


craig curlee says:

Love!! Labs are so special to their owners, as are all pets! I will always have a Chocolate lab as my dog. SO loving, smart, great with infants, protective of kids, and just plain goofy, lol!

Miriam Ramos says:

Muito lindos ! Nossos irmãos animais ! anjinhos quatro patas …..

Valeria Calderon says:

so cute and so funny

Ula Piaszczyk says:

ja mam labradora sunie ma na imię luna 😍 😘 jest kochana

Vlase Maricica says:


Ashley Lewis says:

awww so cute ^^

Pup Gaming says:


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