The Mean Kitty Song in HD!!!

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The original video got over 77 million views but I decided to post a better quality version here since this is my Cat’s new channel.


Excadinator says:

Oldest comments ever, 2 years? xD

DCsmoking says:

how can someone NOT like this?

jessicashadow says:

Yep, still love this video! =D

Dabeyris Esaa says:

so cute :3 I've never tired of this

Caroline Gifford says:

To this date, my fave… Sparta! [bonk!]

wayne0012 says:

I got a cat that looks just like Sparta acts the same to

atomicoffspring says:

Slowly but surely I've watched this video, smpfilms productions progress. And wow. I found this video in 2009. When any kid would like to watch a kitty video. what were the views in, the couple thousands? The comments constantly rising. Just in wow. How some people may miss the "old" Cory, but he's just turning into who he really is as all of us are. I'll never forget this video.. Actually, the one that lead me into this whole Youtube site.. Thank you Cory Williams. You surely are amazing.

ashley8281 says:

i love this song and cat so much

JJ3792 says:

he should have he's own tv show or movie

The7thOne says:

Long Live Mean Kitteh!

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