The Mexican Cat Dance (cover “El Jarabe Tapatio”)

Escuche la cover impresionante de la canción “El jarabe tapatío” por el gato chillido.

The epic cover of the “Mexican Hat Dance”, meowed by the Squeal Cat! This is the “Mexican Cat Dance”, an awesome version of the famous “El Jarabe Tapatio”.

This is a Friday Fanday request; every Friday I perform a request done by my fans. Check this for explanation:

The awesome Youtuber Munchito696 is the one who requested this song! Don’t forget to check out his Youtube channel!

I do not own any of the background sound tracks and videos played in this video. the background track belongs to their rightful owners.
Original “El Jarabe Tapatio” song:


Alpatriod says:

This is literally the easiest video you could make

LPSCoolTV™ says:

Do penut butter jelly by galantis

Katy Adelson says:

jaja! El gato en el traje del taco @ 1:04! xD Gracias por el video mas gracioso del mundo! Wow it's been so long since Spanish class.. Yay for the Mexican Cat Dance! =^-^=

Duzkek says:

Bangarang. Challenge set.

Munchito696 says:

I am pretty sure my dogs will react to this video, even I'm doing a head tilt right now….

Heidi Gause says:

I love love love love love it and it is so cute

Munchito696 says:

lol I had the volume all the way up and almost went deaf in my right ear. I totally forgot I requested this

SebberFreak says:

I really love your videos! Is there any way I can support you, in other ways than YouTube? :3

KWKBOX says:

I miss Chi-Chi's.

TeamTekkerz says:

These voices hahahah, great video :')

Grace Gospel Evangelism says:

This made me wanna open some tequila…. ;o)

MrDouxlotus says:

Meowstache forsenC

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