The most evil cat in the world

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XH1tokiriX says:

Why would anyone even want that as a pet? Put it down.

Angie Driedric says:

so gaurding the coke

Cilents says:

Sylvester is that you?

Simon B says:

The Exorcist of felines

silver says:

it’s not you touching him, he doesn’t want you to touch his soda

Mr. Mister says:

No Fear 😂😂😂😂😾

amanda branch says:



bcs shes dont love you touch other cat then her

Jacob Kelly says:

That cat needs to be thrown out the street

Deva Narayanan says:


thefuckoff unicorn says:

Its beautiful

Lime says:

The guardian of coca cola.

anthony111isevilok says:

Haha the different behaviour between the two…

JoaoEmilio529 says:

Coca Cola guardian

Šhåÿ - Ėdïtś says:

I think you broke the cat

General Zirkobi says:

I would take that black beauty in, in no time. Being a cat person at heart, and having dealt with cats like this before – well, trust me. That beauty would get a better life in no time. What happens here is pretty obvious – this cat has been abused in some way, or is suffering an illness of some kind (NOT a reason fro abandoning it or putting it down!) And then most cats have fears of camera's because they see what resembles a huge eye looking down at them, plus their reflection, it confuses them and thereby makes them go on the defense pretty quickly. Who wouldn't? And when a camera like that is shoved in another being's face. Honestly, who wouldn't wanna push that away? But cats don't have the same kind of intelligence as we do. So they can't differentiate between what's another cat and themselves, when looking at their reflections.

Shana Teng says:

Leave him along …

Darealjazwon says:

That is the face of pure hatred and evil

egg says:

Catto protecto the conk cona

Alex The everything fan says:

The other cat is concerned about the evil cat,in the same room as him.

Viklar Exnol says:

WOW! Really beautiful cat with very fierce eyes!

Sandrine Berrour says:

I remember frimousse

lone wolf says:

Scoruge cat

Clairissa says:

Absolutely not funny, poor black cat, having such an ignorant and pestering owner.

Guppyriella says:

This is why I prefer dogs lol

HeresHashy says:

Every hour with no coke Is every house with no fingers

boris paul 69 says:


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