The Purrfect Kitty Cat – funny song

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Includes attacking, fighting, talking, playing, cuteness, meowing, love, and includes my ragdoll Monni, my border collie Billy and my burmese cat Jake.

More Videos of Monni and Jake at my channel!

Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the music!


cautiouslibra says:

Awww! How CUTE!Β  TY!Β  β™₯ο»Ώ says:

Aaaawww, I love this.ο»Ώ

William Cusic says:

i fucked a cat once

doublekicksfuckyeah says:

ok then valentina

Valentina DiPaola says:

now thats how you treat a cat nicely without hurting them you should always love your pet

AmersfoortTristan says:

1:40 making up by being an asskisser lol πŸ™‚


i know her and the other cat

TakeMyPantsOffPlz says:

that was not a sweet meow

1000LMFAOfan says:

nuuuuuuuuh the kitteh is dead D: my kat hides under my bed

1000LMFAOfan says:

(゚` q οΌ—
γ€€l、 ~ヽ (

Wut… You dun liek teh kitteh cat?

isimausibaerli says:

haha πŸ˜€ Rule 4: Hit the cam πŸ˜€

Jack Harding says:

so cute!!!!!!!

recoil669 says:

Your videos are cute as hell.

maxwello1234567890 says:

LOL the cat winks at 2:02

Poipoigirl says:

I am jealous.. I can't out perfect that cute kitty ;.;

Awesome Vid!

HoneyWhiskers says:

Omg your ragdoll is soooooo cute!!!!
(I love Monni's fur!)

xtracreative says:

what beautiful eyes ^.^


I want a cat !

Frances Perry says:

awww what a baby

blacklab27 says:

Monni just winked purrect timing XD

PromosbyRicochet says:

Precious furbabies :)! Great video! LMAO at the FIRST erm… "kiss" lol !!!!!!!!! Puuurrrfect

DogKrapFace says:

sweet cats gotta love em

Love Meow says:

This is the cutest thing! You have lovely kitties πŸ™‚

ismaelsbaby says:

oops i meant monni licked jake's butt haha

ismaelsbaby says:

lol i laughed so hard when billy licked jake's butt and it was like "err…" hahahah it always seems that longhaired cats are more chill than short haired cats. i want a somali or a siberian or a scottish fold.

sazzabell says:

HeHe thanks πŸ˜› Love the puppy dogs on ur channel πŸ™‚ very cute

MsBorderCollieLover says:

oops somehow I gave it 4 stars!

MsBorderCollieLover says:

I absolutely love the video!
It is just so abodrable!
I laughed so hard when she attacked the camera!
I so didn't see that coming
Incredible video, it sooooo gets 5 stars!

Braydos97 says:

Yer lol thts kool

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