This cat is NED – Episode 2 – Pooped I’ll say

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In this episode, to improve the hygiene of his litter box, Ned lays down new communication guidelines between himself and Will. Simple yet highly effective, Ned suggests that the easiest way for Will to know if there is poop to clean, is for Ned to politely notify him. This episode is full of straight talk and covers some of societies most pressing issues: feline hygiene and inter-species diplomacy.

This cat is Ned. Some say he is the most awesome cat to have ever featured on the Internet. It is speculated that he is the reason that ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. Will is his… housemate. He is ok.

While he is highly compassionate to telemarketers (which is why he’s much loved in India), he has little empathy toward dogs:

When Ned is emotionally frustrated he likes to express himself through interpretive dance, set to 80s music:

As with most cats, Ned is nocturnal. He likes using this time to have meaningful discussions with Will and to research issues online:

Catnip can influence Ned at times, like at new-year, when it make his resolutions become potentially scarring to the neighbourhood dogs:

For quality control reasons, Ned would like to categorically disassociate himself from the other cats of the Internet such as:

Cats that chase laser pointers, because they’re gullible
Cats that try to jump and slip and fall, because they embarrass the species
Grumpy cat, because his attitude sucks
Serious cat, because it’s not so serious
Keyboard cats, because your rhythm is off
Lolcats, because they’re not funny
Cats that don’t mind dogs, because their taste sucks
Mr Bigglesworth, because he looks freaky
I can has cheezburger, because no dah you can..
Cats that get a fright and jump into the air, because they should be prepared
Cats with pumpkin helmets because it’s bad ear hygiene
Furry fat faced cats, because they look ridiculous
Funny cat videos, if they’re not very funny
Cat compilations, because they diminish the viewers brain capacity
Kittens of any kind, because they’re immature
Cats in costumes because that is cat abuse

This week, Ned’s search history includes:
How to make friends and influence people
Dingle berry ointment
Cat hygiene facts
Really stupid dogs on ice
The pizza place on the corner

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Golden Santa says:

I have that chair too!

Mandy 17 says:

Make Ned react to a music video by Melanie Martinez the song is called Pity Party

Thecheese king says:

95,428th subscriber I'm looking forward to my experience on this channel

reference2me says:

"What's that thing on the floor … and should I lick it?" ….help me … I can't stop laughing …

donny southwell says:

Why does this channel not have more subscribers. Does Ned have to make a gaming channel to get subscribers? This takes a lot more talent then making videos on games

Schuyler McFarland says:

I actually saw this video as an ad while I was watching something else and I checked out this channel. You guys have awesome videos! Can't wait to see more! :D

Angela Goddeeris says:

Nice cat

glowworm2 says:

Thanks, Talking Animals, for introducing me to Ned. "Okay, fine. Next time, I'll poop NEAR the toilet."
"It'll be like I'm your boss." XD!

seashoredolls says:

Who else is on a Ned marathon? If not, you should be!

This is the best channel with Samkills Kills says:

Ned can you please play fnaf

Joel Gammon says:

Im the 9,566th subscriber

Bluesonicbloxed says:

I Pooop'ed I'll say

Patch “Patch420” McPatch says:

I am definitely picking up something Lovecraftian here.

Hector Brian Mejia says:

Where did you get Ned


I love the ned the cat i woh it every day i love this

leo stonham says:

it was goooooood

kitty toes and kiera fun land says:

My two year old quotes "i pooped I'll say" all the time and laughs her ass off

The dillzer channel 👑🎮 says:

Hi cathub I love this cat is ned thanks for putting him up on cathub series he he

The dillzer channel 👑🎮 says:

Ned is so so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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