This New Cat Inspired Candle Scent Will Leave You Speechless

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Kris gets more than he bargained for when he surprises Alana with an interestingly potent candle. Stay tuned to the end to see some amazing, adoptable candles available at Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats! Learn more at

The CATastrophes Web Series is a hilarious, cat-centric weekly comedy show featuring cat tips, recreations of viewer-submitted cat stories and scripted content of cats appearing in unexpected situations!

Many of our episodes bring attention to a topic in animal welfare or spotlight a rescue that’s saving lives. In fact, many of the cat actors and extras are available for adoption from local Chicago rescues!

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Dino playss says:

I love how this channel does funny skits but then at the end cats in the skit get told they need adopting and its so nice of them to advertise them. You guys are the best. Coming From A 10 Year Old Girl

Sophia v says:

omg i will adopt all the cat candles :DD

TrαΊ§n Đẑi Thα»‘ng Entertainment Channel says:

That how Louie born ?!!

Judy Smith says:

A cute skit, but did you grow those tomatoes.

jose gaming roblox says:

there faces lol

Patti Tucker says:

"I may of bought the entire collection" soooooooooo are you saying you might have a saber tooth tiger in your house cuz I would think the entire collection would be every single animal (extinct or alive) that has fur

Emily Gorst says:

I need a candle like that one

Keira Frazier says:

i need a candle like that

markjung5 says:

The cinnamon fur is so cute I love cats give me those candles

Zircon Wolf says:

One of the best channels there is!

DeathStarGamer YT says:

I subbed the furballs out of me your the best!!!

Tween Perfect says:

+Cat CATastrophes you guys are the best

Curtis Sharp says:

I want sleepy time

YouNeedAnimeTo Live says:

I want a cat but my parents won't let!

Supergirljoy12 Camey says:


Lecnaj Sinalem says:

man! I love this channel! Can I Subscribe?

Meowt Meow says:

where can i get on of these?

Lila Mansour says:

i need one of those

jedimaster jesse says:

I bought a candle it but my cat didn't come out of the candle can I get a refund?

The Phantom Feonix // TPF says:

Thank you FUR making these videos <3

stephania Campoverde says:

I want one me want a another cat

Michael S says:

I want this candle

alainadhbu3545 says:

you are the absoulute best youtubers i've ever seen in my life!!

egyptiancattoo says:

can't we just burn our cats? jk im not cruel like my sister

Circus Baby -SL- says:

Please tell me that's a real candle you made.

Danny P says:

I need this candle

Daniell Bondad says:

Used to have a coconut cocktail.But with an attitude of sleepytime.

Dexter's vids says:

I'll take sleepytime that's my favorite

eevee fan101 says:

10 out of 10

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