Tiggy the Talking Hello Cat video Outtakes – blooper reel

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Outtakes from Tiggys latest videos!
The camera was set up and left many times while Tiggy was eating as she usually makes this talking noise after eating. Here are some outtakes of what the camera captured other than Tiggy Talking!


legomaker8 says:

German Shepard need show time! :D

dora grimes says:

I have been playing your videos for my cat and she freaks out every time. Way more than another cat just meowing.

PyroPisces says:

awwwwwww the dog reminds me of our old dog sumo
rip sumo 2004-2006 busted through our back door and ate our pizza bread trash and the worst choclate. wen't under our house right up under where my mom sleeps to die *cries* sorry bout tiggy. she was beautyful

Chinderz san says:

does tiggy ever talk to the dog? LOL =O)

Secretstr13 says:

lol STALKER DOG! hahahahahahaha

Samantha Dale says:

ur dog keeps comin in lol

Rita R says:

your dog and kitty are soooo adorable!

Sadyechester says:

I love that your dog is sometimes the cue dog. Like he/she will go to fetch Tiggy and then it looks like he/she takes her spot. Very cute.

kitmarlowescot2 says:

Tiggy really looks good for a cat of 19, and she still plays wow. A friend of ours has a dog that is 18, completely blind and deaf, but she keeps a going.

Tiggy Talkingcat says:

The cameras left on a tripod recording until something happens.

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