Tips to introducing a new cat to other cats and dogs

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Tips to introducing a new cat to other cats and dogs

The truth about cats and dogs is that they CAN get along, if introduced to one another correctly. And even anti-social kitties can learn to get along with other cats, when you follow the advice of Dr Katherine Miller of the ASPCA.


Sher Lock says:

I just started today to introduce my cat to my parents dogs who hate cats. Very difficult.

Davo Rebo says:

i have a territorial 2yr old pit and a new 2wk old kitten..when i tried introducing the two the pit end up biting the kitten ..i was able to pull hard on his collar and the kitten is okay…but is there any hope my pit calms down or accepts the cat..??

ashley sanchez says:

I'm getting a cat tomorrow do you think a 10 yr old Chihuahua and a kitten would get along

Freak2222 says:

Would it count as socialization and experience for my dog if we baby sit dogs sometimes from our friends because we did that and buttons my moms dog was fine. Also would it count that a couple years ago my moms dog was getting babysit by a dude that had a cat and buttons didn't fight with the cat she played with him. The guy gave us a picture as proof and they were playing. And the cat was a kitten. 🤓 🐶❤️🐱

Alexa Morales Garcia says:

what's the best age of the cat to meet with a dog, my dog has lived with cats, he sometimes reacts with street dogs but when we visit his last home he is totally fine … I'm planning to adopt a cat… but I want to go for the best percentage of their adaptation

Kiwi kiri says:

What if you are getting a puppy and kitten at the same time? Would you still need to isolate them before introducing them to each other?

Kiwi kiri says:

What if you are getting a puppy and kitten at the same time? Would you still need to isolate them before introducing them to each other?

xXDragonScytheXx says:

I just got a kitten (He was two months when we got him, about five months now,) not too long ago, and I've been thinking about getting him a little brother cat. I'm just not sure how he would react. I got him at the SPCA, where he was with his brother. The only reason I didn't get both was because at the time, I only wanted one. Any advice?

cindy shan says:

I have a cat that has experience with other cats but I'm thinking about getting a dog but the cat has birth so it will get mad at animals to come to our house

Domino Dog says:

I was thinking about adopting a cat. I've been thinking, I haven't been planning, just thinking and wondering what it would be like. I have a jack Russell terrier who loves to chase cats. I asked my mum how he might react if we introduced a cat. She said he would kill the cat. I don't know. :(

Alexandria Fuller says:

ok so i have a kitty about 6 months and was think about getting a puppy in the next month or so. kitty loves me but e=is REALLY aggressive to anyone else how do I fix that 🙁 

Cornflack says:

One of my cats passed away last June due to FIV. Since her death, her brother has been going to the bathroom outside the litter box. We brought him to the vet and found that he did not have FIV like his sister, so this wasn't a health related problem. We've tried everything from cleaning the box thoroughly. Our best guess is that he is very lonely considering no one is home for a majority of the time on the weekdays. We're thinking of buying a kitten to prevent his loneliness. Will this better the situation?

deanna baldwin says:

What if you have a drop off kitty that is really friendly will it get along with the blind German Shepard that we have there is another friendly cat that looks like the first one but more of a girl will both of them get along with three dogs that I have 

ArticXCripz _ says:

Thanks for the tips! 

Becky sam says:

Okay, so I have a kitten now, my other cat is a lot older and has been around other cats before, they're both scared of each other, any ideas of how to get them used to eachother?

RedrumRooster says:

ive had two other cats in the time i've had my yorkshire terrier
and although i feel whenever i get my new cat he'll be fine, im not sure if the kitten will????

Yuna Braska says:

I have a calico cat and today we are getting a Yorkie dog. We are going to baby sit him for two weeks and I don't know how my cat will react. Calico cats are really sweet and im hoping that she will like this dog lol.

Just_A_Kpop/Otaku_Fan gurl says:

I have a cat and i' m getting a dog soon how can i get them to meet knowing that my cat never lived with dogs but has bein around my friends dog and wen he is he acts like its scared and runs away from it what should i do please help me :)

TortoisLover says:

I got a new cat a he hisses and swats at my dog who gets mad and chases him traps him and barks like crazy! DX

Joshua Meeks says:

i just brought a shitspoodle home and t my adult cat male fights viciously with each other when my ratterrer and it would get along fine

Nichole Stuchlik says:

How did it go?!

Taylor Pigg says:

my new dog is named jack

Scrish Burns says:

Its the other way round for me I have two cats (3) & (2) and hoping to bring home a Jack Russell puppy. Wondering if it will go okay.

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