TRY NOT TO SURPRISED with CAT SKILL – Funny and cute Smart Cats Videos

TRY NOT TO SURPRISED with CAT SKILL – Funny and cute Smart Cats Videos
1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation

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Evi Wen says:

Yeah cat is sooooo funny, my cat Nobi is too

Лариса Лукина says:


Patsy S says:

You can’t beat a cat for ingenuity, they’re so very inquisitive and smart ❤️❤️❤️ 🐕🐕🇬🇧

Patsy S says:

Why are the kittens locked in a cage ? 🇬🇧

Gessica Tomazini says:

Just 3 minutes?…l love cats

AS P says:

Savage furry adorable little assh*le, the master of naughtiness and cuteness, fearless, furniture destroyer, but i love them 😀😂

Darren White says:

It should of been funny and cute and smart

Lori K. says:

Thanks a lot!

Laura Gadille says:

Cats are very smart.

Laura Gadille says:

That calico looks like my cat

Rinku Barman says:

My two little cat children r very intelligent like ur cats vdo, I like it 😄

Sue Collins says:

If by now hoomans have not realised that cats have unreal problem solving skills then hoomans are stupider than cats. On a more serious note please do not let Kitty jump onto kitchen work surfaces – never mind unhygienic – that stove plate might still be hot.

Q Turn says:

Ultimate kitties….. I love cats

Swapna Das says:

😄😄cute babies.I love all the cats.

Mr. Stark says:

😱😱sneaky little bastards…😂😂👍

Theo Kirkley says:

I really appreciate my arms now

panzer waffen says:

I love them so much

Sonia Fire says:

Lindos, espertos, fofos e inteligentes!

Fajar R.A says:

cats are so amazing

Shelli Ingle says:

Cats can be clever. XD

Living One Day at a Time says:

Oh gosh, I didn't know cats can open drawers. I guess before I get my kitty, I should child proof the ones I don't want opened.

Manar Elgendy says:

I chose the wrong one .. Hey cat come and go to my college instead of me plz

Yoshi l says:

I'm not surprised, cats are very smart !


OMG    If they figure out the Doorknob we are AL F__c_ed  !

Bhaghyashree Aundhkar says:

So cute all r

Diana Dobson says:

So funny and adorable but why are those two kitties in a locked cage.

Dimas Frazetta says:

Do not underestimate a cat….

Deepa Lall says:

Cats are cute no matter what they do!

Godsgirlie J says:

I feel sorry for the babies in the cage ….

silvia kapfinger says:


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