TSC Episode 16 – CATZILLA ATTACKS SHANGHAI !! Part 1/2 – funny cat videos

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Note: Catzilla action doesnt start until 3:58

Two Stupid Persian Cats Honeybee find a magic cat called Tron Cat, with the power of Tron Cat Honeybee becomes CATZILLA and destroys Shanghai. Hurricane is watching some wierd japanese diarrhea video…

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This is episode number one in a 3 part series, more kaijus will appear and its gonna be awesome 🙂

Effetcs are done in After effects, which ive never used before, just started using it for this episode, so as i become better at it im sure the episodes will improve. I apologize if the sound is a bit jumpy.

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Music used in the episode, as with all of my content, is part of the YouTube creator studio and is liscense free.

Most of the shots of Shanghai are actually pictures of Songdo, Korea, which I’ve taken myself. Shanghai shots are mostly from my own visit, and some from friends.

more + details, i will fill in later.


Turd Challenge says:

Brilliant 😀

nikki augustine says:

Fucking fantastic

Melinda Nicholson says:

I am wondering what Tron Cat Lord of Noodles thinks of Lord Buckethead's proposal to abolish all of the Lords except himself?

what! says:

I love this show. the editing is amazing and it's so funny.😹😊 ヽ(^^)ノ(^o^)/

The Very Happy Pikachu says:

This is amazing! This must of been really hard to make. But it's amazing. Loved the twist cliff hanger ending :3

The Very Happy Pikachu says:

We're all doomed!!!!

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