Ultimate Animals Making Funny Noises, funny fails, funny cat and dog


Jet Frost Gaming says:

4:24 I feel bad for that cat in bad health. Shame on the owners.

CoolX says:

Anyone else notice the funny plox thing on the top left

DJ Mation says:

2:21 when i cant sleep

Amiee Irene says:

that goat is living! AF

korinakokk says:

Why ALL cats do that thing😂😂😂😂

Victoria Downes says:

Goat is like . Come on let's play and dog is like …BUZZ OFF!

Mary Downs says:

0:15 vocal warm-up

Maggie Harvey says:

Cats and dogs are so funny 😝😜😱

Rylee Sherwood says:

Good job I thought this was so funny!

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