Ultra Kawaii – Kitty Cat Dance Remix

Dave pays homage to Steve Ibsen’s Kitty Cat Dance video. Calling All Cute Kittens: Wave yo hands in the air like yo don’t care! Meow, Meow, Meow.

Kama Cutzie is back this week with Siamese If You Please from Texas and Baltasar’s Sleepy Head-Bob from Sweden!

Thanks to all of the cute puppies and funny cats in this episode: g-shack, gatoweb, EricaH121, cheyenne2213, DenimDiaperBoy, bigfootpegrande, HuggableAngel, kemomire6, mexieus, siamese-kittens, VideoBooN


sebby michalis says:

sebation approves ^^

Dana Snow says:

I like some of the stuff bt I think it needs more work :/

Dabeyris Esaa says:

cute cats *.*

lol123456738 says:

funny ][_{[]}][_

lol20072008 says:

You mean the song…?
pigs.. i'm a piggy pig… and quicky-qui and quicky-qui ;))

fritzi1212 says:

nala is my favorite!! So cute!!!

Ρενα Ζ says:

Cuuuute!How about you do the same video for guinea pigs???

Al x says:


WateverKitten13 says:

i love this show so much its a great show for cat lovers! and it was hilarious when kitty cat song came on and then the sleepy kitty was so adorable

Piiiglett says:

Go Sleepy Head Bob!

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