VENOM EXTRACTION – Centipede Bite Aftermath!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, witness the EPIC conclusion of Coyote Peterson being bitten by a Giant Desert Centipede!

*Hint…we had to use venom extraction in this one!

This is it Coyote Pack, the culmination of Coyote Peterson’s bite experiments has lead him to this ultimate creepy crawly finale…taking a chomp from what is said to be the most painful bite of any creature in North America!

Long rumored to be even more painful than the bite of a rattlesnake, Coyote will find out “first hand” the effects of a Giant Desert Centipede bite all in the name of science to document this extreme wildlife experience.

Will this enormous Centipede live up to the tales that are told throughout deserts of the Southwestern Untied States?

Get ready to find out!

*PLEASE never attempt to recreate what is seen in this video. Centipede bites can be very serious if left untreated.

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Opal 66 says:

What does this guy think he is? Imortal?

kitty gamer Points says:

i feel bad for him getting bit by insects

Matthew Saenz says:

How is you no dead

nataliasutube says:

I feel soooooooooo bad for you

Jack Carter says:

I thought it was a bad idea to suck venow out because it increases circulation so the venom spreads quicker

Reflex1302 says:

Am I the only one who is asking himself why people do this ?

FluffyKarlo says:

“The pain is so bad I was actually almost in tears.”

nicolas mariosi says:

I just see the insect trying to run away

FlamingPanda Gaming says:

This IS SAD PLEASE DONT DIE 🙁 Hope you feel better

AlphaMaLe says:

He is a god

Dashock Pixle says:

His blood is gonna be expensive by the time he's 62 it's gonna be venom

Chris Pantermakis says:

You have balls I can’t do that never

Maria Barna says:

Dude one day you die from this bugs

Ssss pes13 says:

Turkish deep web bekliyoruz haciiiiii

Glary River says:


Dav Gawronski says:

I will kill all centipedes I come across because you are my favourite youtuber

TheDemonPlatypus says:

Two words… y tho

Jake's channel says:

Why does he hurt himself for views?

Delaine Le says:

7:07 centipede: wut r u looking at I’m cleaning my antennae

ChocolateTitus/CøldPanda says:

Dude Your Brave

Xeno / says:

why would you do this for VIEWS

jake paul is the best sqaud aaye says:

Wow hes brave

Kylie Hughes says:

I cant STAND bugs omfg

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