Video Сhat. The cat is looking for Daddy

When the master is very far from his cat Pusic (2280km = 1416 miles), he wants to talk to his beloved pet by video chat. How will the cat react to this?

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Wijaya Kusuma says:

I love you pusic. Salam salkomsel.

きなチャンネル says:

i subscribed your channel(´∀`=)

cat gamer says:

This was so adorable but what pusic mean again?

Артур Калашников says:

What Are You Russian?

Fahmid Ahmad says:

That cat is so cute!

Katty Ugarte says:

es muy lindo

Yu Yu Honey Paing says:

He loves his daddy so much.

Sophie Reynolds says:

Pusic is so cute and smart!

nicolas mrkonjic says:

muy lindo video

Shaili Angbuhang says:

You are so loving Papa..pusic is so lucky😻😻👍👍🙏🙏❤️❤️

Rena Memmedova says:

Oh😍I love you Pusic😘😘

玉Petra says:

When i videochatted with my mum and cat from abroad my cat stared at the screen and smelled the air, also hearing my voice from phone

JustKidNinja JKN says:

Pusic is Cute 👌😱👍

Gem Macaraeg says:

Where are you Dada? I can hear you but I can't see you. 😿

소진 says:

He is the most interesting cat!!!

Cartoon HD ex-player says:

Um gato e um homem devem ser uma amizade inseparável!😄😄😄

Diana Lyn Gulang says:

So cute he love you

Abhimanyu Mohanta says:

What is the name of your cat

оля василенко says:

Ты русский?


Loving dad and sweet child

Hartini Mt Noor says:

comel gila lah

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