video 36: Cute ADORABLE kitten tries to steal dog’s tongue (as seen on Ellen!!)

This video was featured on The Ellen Show!! Cute adorable orange tabby kitten pawing and batting at Murkin’s tongue. I dont know who was more surprised, my dog or the kitten LOL! super cute! For more videos, check out our youtube channel, or add Murkin on Facebook at


alessandra vitale says:

murkin è adorabile con i suoi gattini, non mi stanco di guardare questi magnifici video

Lilly Camacho says:

This was so adorable🐶😙🐱

Rude Tube says:

For everyone asking about the song. I scrolled down to the very end of the comments and found someone saying the song is 'Loss Of Memory' by Chaz Kkoshi.

Rose Marry Eduave says:

1:13 Omg the dog can lick his or her nose :O the nose licking master

animationeer says:

Kitten got your tongue?

Eduardo Damasceno says:

I Loved This Dog and Kitten

SoniKZooM says:

I'm dying to know the song! Dx
It's so perfect with the video!

Timothy Gill says:

Evolution is such crap.The dog is sitting innocently and patiently by.God created these two friends.

simon fuller says:

Quite beautiful

Alessandra Vitale says:

più guardo Murkin e più vorrei averlo vicino per poterlo coccolare come lui fa con i gattini, è adorabile ,intelligente e sensibile.

Sam Gastélum says:

I want the song!, who know what is the name of the song?!

Erzsébet Cs Tóth says:

Töröljék az ilyen beteg személyeknek a hülye megjegyzéseit

Lisa Sc says:

Today I'm still fuming about the no-account whom thinks they know what counts in our world.

Lisa Sc says:

Evil no conscience dumb person makes an evil comment about abusing (murdering) pets below.  The person thinks the only thing that matters in life (or the world) is profit and said they (he or she) would happily murder animals to profit from their skins.  

Gina Atkins says:

Beautiful couple :)

Carla Bosco says:

What is the music track in this video? 

MaXiM Bugaev says:

супер!!! 🙂 но у кота жим жим присутствовал!!!

Seth Woodruff says:

What is the song????

minecraftaddict2244 says:

i mean, i dropped the gumdrop i was about to eat 10 seconds after the video started………. its so cute

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