Video for Cats to Watch : Garden Birds at The Tiny Bench NEW

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Videos for Cats to Watch : Garden Birds at The Tiny Bench

Birds in the video : Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Robin, Blackbird, Blue Tit, Great Tit, House Sparrows.

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in October 2016


Paulo Sarabando says:

os animais que melhor cantam

miokiollie says:

my boy kittens are mesmerized!! 😀

Robert Badcock says:

Vv. okknm.

Jenny Hudson says:

I LOVE these videos! Thank you so much for making them. They are very well-done. My cat and I both enjoy watching them!

Anton Tsypkov says:

Paul, whats the name of that brown shabby bird at 3:40 from the right? Female bullfinch? Hiding behind the bench.

Faz Patel says:

My cat (Nutella) and I both enjoyed watching and listening to the birds. Very relaxing and tranquil. There were moments I found Nutella purring and giving me the dreamy eyes. Absolutely brilliant!!

Traci Lynn says:

my cat enjoys the bird videos the best, she paws at the screen, almost knocked over a monitor, and above all she looked behind the screen to see if the birds were behind it, more than once. She is so silly, and I am glad she has some entertainment that keeps her busy for a good 30 minutes

saadek amin says:

ماهو طائر الي في الفديو50 :3

EpicSurvival says:

Nice video! Thank you!

Donna says:

This is the first 'video for cats' that our cat has responded to! She's been glued to the TV for ages now ^_^ Thank you!

Jim Connell says:

Best videos on the net, Paul. What are these kinds of birds?

jasmine elaya says:

my cat decided to look behind the computer, by the screen, at the screen, behind the computer, not quite sure why the birds where not where he expected lol, still tho, Gucci luvs these videos.

Karen Aujla says:

You're bird videos are wonderful. My cat loves them and so do I when it's cold and snowy outside. So nice to hear the chirping birds…

Robert Badcock says:

.loleasytoslip that was typed by my car while she watched the video

Donna Bernhardi says:

my cats love these thanks!!

Annette Devores says:

My cats are still standing in front of the tv waiting for me to play more of your videos. They love them!

easytoslip says:

my cat liked it. he was super attentive and pawed the screen gently, kept him interested for about six minutes. I swear it helps talking to your cat about anything and everything, and picture it in your mind while you talk. they get it.

Amanda Bertelsen says:

My cat Mogwai ran round and round my laptop, it drove him nuts! We loved it!

Mandy Gordon says:

My cat is mad at me because I showed her this video 🙁

john wood says:

How nice to see our native birds

Göran Frilund says:

Our older cat Azura thought the movie was really great and she watched it all through. The acting was excellent and the film had an exciting, thought provoking story. Our younger cat, Caele, who doesn't have the same interests as the older one, didn't quite get the idea with this movie though and went to the food bowl instead. Maybe the movie is a bit too intellectual for a younger audience.

Bicoastal Woodworker says:

Brilliant. They're so colorful haha.

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