Videos for Cats and Dogs : 8 Hours of Birds and Squirrel Fun NEW ✅


Ashlyn plays Cat lover plays says:

My 🐱 cat loves it

Calvin Guile says:

Me and my cat Bruto, want to thank you for the vids!

Phoenix9100 says:

My cat is just confused and slowly touches the screen and when animals come out of sight she looks on the side of the iPad

CM dR says:

My cat was captivated

Jodie B says:

Hi Paul, thanks for the video 😻 I don’t suppose you have a way of me purchasing this on a dvd by any chance ? Kind regards

Gra Quinn says:

My cat loves it!

Kokoro Kimochi says:

This is awesome, it really works. She sits for hours watching the birds.

Zhenyao Wen says:

4:25 the smart one stays

david butterworth says:

My cat was looking behind my computer to eat the birds he loved it so much it's a great video for kittens I highly recommend it😸

EVO Jumpman says:

My cat really liked that black bird

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