Videos for Cats to Watch – Birds and Squirrels Being Awesome NEW

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Videos & Sounds for Cats to Watch and Listen To – Birds and Squirrels Being Awesome NEW

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Filmed in October 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall


Julia Shenandoah says:

Miiiiiiiew miiiew miiiew miiiew

Kelly Kelleher says:

Just Wonderful <3

Britney Hepinger says:

I layed down with my cat petting him and watching g this and he feel asleep with his blanket cuz usually right after he's done looking outside at birds he lays on the couch and goes to sleep so watching birds makes him sleepy it was so cut we were cuddiling

ItzTristaan says:

My cat attacked the like button

InternalMind says:

Is this actually your land/garden? it's amazing..

Simbird - Birds and Wildlife UK says:

Lovely closeup of the Wild Birds and Wildlife ! Thank you for sharing and happy nature watching – Simbird

I want 2 experience life in all its agonizing glory says:

I'm watching this now. The cat is just walking around confused I think.

Bre says:

My cat was trying to chase the birds when they would fly away and out of camera view 😂😂😂😂

Sherry Dutton says:

Love Paul's work always looking for another good video he always comes through every time. Fantastic!!!!

Sithichok9 says:

Very cute!

Oscar Cortes says:

love the locations seems so peaceful, where is it?

Harun Ratkusic says:

So she pulled claws out and attacked laptop…

Dire Shadow says:

Never thought i'd get my cat of ten years to watch this… she watches it. She tries to bat the TV. It's adorable. Thanks man, keep going!

Furry Cat Lover says:

Good for studying movements of birds!

Beril Kabukçu says:


phtunes says:

Sod the cats 😉 I could watch these all day. I love the colours of the Nuthatch, beautiful 👍🏻

Sara S says:

My little guy watched this on my phone for an hour straight :)

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