Videos for your Cat – Fish Tank (Trigger Fish, Yellow Wrasse, Domino Damsel)

Here’s some nice fish tank scenes in 1080P HD for your (and your pets) enjoyment!

This video was filmed at Island Pets Unlimited in Richmond, BC.
Not only were their tanks impeccable and their fish healthy, their staff were also very friendly and helpful. Make sure to visit their website and pay their stores a visit!

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Cat Choir Meow says:

We watch this all the time between practising… /Cat Choir

Jesiah Wilson says:

my cat fal aseep

Cailey Draper says:

my cat just stared at it then walked away. -_- smart cat

omg hey there says:

my kitten is more interested in her cat toy

Blake Clark says:

My cat just look up as if to say wtf?

Charlize Madison says:


Jae .exoxol says:

Omg he was literally purring during this video

Princess Anna says:

Little Thomas Fell Fast Asleep While Watching This. Good Night Sweetie.

Zittle gameing says:

My cat just walked away

Chemical K says:

I like this more than my cat does.

Anja Matus says:

my cat loves that

Cilvia Rex says:

But really i fell for it cause i just noticed that my cat is smart

Cilvia Rex says:

Haha my cat fell for it and i showed it that it is not real hah great video now every time my cat goes on the phone and goes on the web and watched the video he is very smart and he knows the title and he knew that was a trick but he just wanted to play with it

Joelest M says:

Chuck the kitten gave up eating my hand for this…although he does prefer David Attenborough

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan) says:

Nice video! :)

toturiales supermejor says:

lo que nome gusto es que demora 31 minutos el video por eso no me gusto

Videos Cats LOVE!! says:

love this – so relaxing!!!

dorlene Tony A Haidar says:

My cats love it

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