VIRAL VIDEO: Cat Saves Bakersfield Boy, Boy Talks About Dog Attack

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A cat came to her best friend’s rescue when a young boy was attacked by a dog in his driveway in Southwest Bakersfield and it was all caught on video.

A surveillance video shows the boy, 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, playing on his bicycle. He was coming home from school when he wanted to fly a kite.

A neighborhood dog attacked Jeremy, biting his leg. Tara the cat leaps into action, throwing herself at the dog and chasing it away.

Jeremy has mild autism.

The amazing even was caught on video. “Cat saves Bakersfield boy” quickly made it’s way around the internet.

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Playing random Games says:

Boy: She's a hero!
Cat: I'm a what now?

TOLECO 1234 says:

How old is he

lejdi oprych says:

piekna Tara

William Amodei says:

Reporter: "How old is Tara?"
Kid: "Potato."

TheChats02 says:

Tara is one of a number of cats on YouTube that has saved people's lives. There are even "service cats" Cats supposedly aren't as smart as dogs–but to me, the actions of all these cats show super smarts.

avalanche says:

Is the kid drunk?

Winchester says:

Cats are not toys … Damn !!

Ane Dijitak says:

Anyone know what breed of kid that is?

hunterkiller1440 says:

0:14 "You guys are so boring."
0:25 "Boring conversation anyway."
0:31 "Do I really need to be in this?"
0:35 "Pull harder and you'll wish I haven't save you from that dog."
0:45 "Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape."
1:06 "This is a really uncomfortable back rub."
1:30 "What the hell are you doing?"
1:33 "Aw, that's sweet. Don't do that again."
1:52 "Not the ears!"
2:01 "If you yank me, I swear to catnip…"
2:21 "Screw this, I'm out, just try and stop me."
2:24 "Ow, you did try to stop me!?"

Maispuppe says:

omg the interviewer is so penetrant and the "report" is so boring.
Why even bother to discuss the rise of aggressive dogs who like to attack weaker humans? When you actually can put off the viewer with this idealistic picture of the boy petting his cat (in discomfort) and answering irrelevant questions. Information is way too overrated these days…

tanv91 says:

kid must have Aspergers 

Xeronicom says:


Svemallam says:

my name is forrest this my daugy

newlife956 says:

Obviously an inside job.

la pace sia con voi says:

what a sweet cat. I've never seen such a rescue. she saved his life. if I knew how to sew I would make her a cute superhero cape.

Dorothyellen w says:

The flag has stars and stripes but Tara is a star with stripes.

Sabutay Khan says:

what is the name of its kind ??

Rebecca Guzman says:

That Cat is an angel sending by God <3

عبد الله says:

beautiful !!

Arvin Taveras says:

No u retarded u iriot

De Vanne Thomas says:

the boy is not a ritarded maybe u are

natersby says:

That cat is very gentle with him- most would not put up with being yanked like that. I can't help but wonder if the kid ever treated that dog this way under supervision when he couldn't respond to it- the dog would likely see him as a threat afterwards.

Gil Orms says:

The kid came precious close to a follow-up cat attack the way he was dragging her paw like that. Makes you wonder if the dog was some settling some kind of score, hmmmm

John Pham says:

this kid tried to break his arm

Mr. McGee says:

jesus, this kid is retarded or something.

Tomaso Moro says:

Please don't kill the dog.

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